Jonathan Keith

One day Jonathan Keith was walking onto a soccer field, and the next he was walking through the doors of modeling agency, Otto Models. This was Jonathan Keith’s start into modeling who once considered becoming a professional soccer player. That all began to change when people began to advise him to go for it. “I began modeling because people kept telling me I should try it out,” Jonathan stated. Once in front of the camera, he knew instantaneously this was the direction he wanted to go and where he needed to be. This also brought upon his other on camera driven passion, acting.

While walking in a fashion show, Jonathan’s 6’2” frame, walk, and strong features quickly caught the attention of top modeling agency, NEXT Model Management. He was immediately signed during his first meeting with the agency.

Born in Scotland, Jonathan’s father consistently travelled due to his job, but he always took his family along with him. Living temporarily in exotic and foreign locations like France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and Hawaii, Jonathan became exposed to various cultures, lifestyles, and fashions. His diverse travels solidified him to become a well-rounded young man, giving him the self-awareness needed to succeed; something that every great model and actor must possess. 

From Otto, to NEXT, Jonathan is beginning to make his mark within the modeling world in just a few short months. He plans to utilize his unique ability to speak with English, Irish, American, and Scottish accents as an advantage to break further into acting. Recently signed to JT Entertainment fully supporting him on his career path, he is ready to take the modeling and acting industries by storm.

Jonathan can shoot commercial and high fashion looks, walk on a fashion runway, and ability to speak in various accents, his may be an easy task for him.

Twitter: @JonathanRKeith